Renton Wednesday

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Start Date: 7th Nov 1973

Initial opening meeting 93 people

In Attendance

AA Members
Al Anon Members
Local Clergy
Members of the public
Welfare Dept

Collection £12 52
Less £ 5 00

Chairman Jimmy K
Speaker Meat Market Bobby
Renton Big Jim

Pete S. from Alexandria with Bill W. Co-founder of AA.

General Service Office New York 1962

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Bonhill Thursday Afternoon Group

When the Dumbarton Thursday group closed after a while I decided to open this group on the same day as there was no meeting in the area on that afternoon.
The community centre along the road from me were kind enough to allow me the use of the hall between the hours of 13:30 & 15:30. Word of the meeting got around and a few people came on board and become group members. Before we opened the doors these members were wee stewart(me) Irish Brian and Jimmy mc.

The group started in the first week of december 2005.
David W joined the group a few months later and we then got out first female group member Gayle, who joined when the group was opened for 2 years.
The group is still in the dalmonach community centre, Bonhill and going strong with an average attendance of around 10 + visiting every week.

Wee Stewart