The history of Alcoholics Anonymous started in Alexandria in 1963

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Alexandria Tues Night Group
Founder members Dot S Wee Betty Big Duncan Jimmy J

First Venue
Ben Tearooms in Balloch and after a few months we called ourselves Loch Lomond Group thinking we would attract visitors to our area but that never happened . So when we moved to the Conservative Rooms in Bank St Alexandria we converted to Alexandria Group For the first time we started records of meetings in Nov 65 and we had our first meeting in the Church Hall Church St Alexandria on 1st Decembr 1965 where we averaged 4 to 8 members and at times only 2 .

We stayed there for about 15 months and had our first meeting in the clinic Bank St on the 15th March 67 We knew our members would eventually grow and so it proed and the clinic became too small so another move had to be made this time to Christie Park School in January 1971 where we stayed until 1stFebruary 1977when we were fortunate to find our present rooms in the Christie Park Veterans Hut It was not easy to find rooms in the early days as AA was not well known so much time and effort was put in to each of these changes and we must be gateful to the people who did acomodate us

Also to the members from far and wide for supporting us with a visit and much advice they are too numerous to mentionand each of us will have our own fond memories