Alexandria Friday Night Group

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The Alexandria Friday Night Group, which is held in the “Drop-in” centre at 85 Bank Street, started in 1969 (I`m not sure of the exact date, it was either June or july) This was the second “Young peoples” group in Scotland, the first one being in Edinburgh.The group came into being just after I came into the fellowship. I was back living with my mother, who owned a building which contained four houses, three of which were Lying empty.

Young john, as he was then known, was looking for premises to start a young peoples group. My mother said that he could have one of the empty houses and that was all he needed. Before I knew what was happening they had gathered all the furnature and everything else they needed to start up the group. I`m not too sure who were the group members at that time but I know that Patricia, Crew-cut Campbell and young John L. were the first in the early days.

Jimmy K. Jimmy N. Concrete Bob Billy O. Snowy and his son, Jackie from Helensburgh, Nod, Stan, Walter, Mary, Plumber john, Jackie R. and Barney. I know I`ve missed out a lot of people but that was over 38 years ago and my memory is not so good now.
One thing I DO remember is that I thought they would have taken the house next door to ours, which was around the back and up the stairs. But they didn`t, they took the one on the main road.

I was new to AA then and nearly had a fit when they painted the front door bright Green and painted the number in bold white numerals 194. The address of the young peoples group was :- 194 Bank Street Alexandria.

From the very 1st meeting the wee group was a success, if my memory serves me right the top table on the first night was Murdo and Owen. Oh! the F riday nights we would have both during and after the meeting. After the meeting was finished they would come upstairs to my house and we would talk AA all night into the wee small hours of the next day.